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pH Balancing Set

pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set
pH Balancing Set

Our faces have different issues in each area. For e.g. dry cheeks with oily nose, or a forehead prone to acne/ pimples while other parts are dry. We are often asked to pick one "skin type" product and we go on to apply an say "oily skin cleanser" or "dry skin serum" on the entire face even on parts that do not have that problem. 

An imbalanced pH is the root cause of most skin problems. To restore pH balance equals ending skin problems.

This non-comedogenic pH Balancing Set especially formulated and suitable for any/ all areas of the face no matter the skin type.

You only need 2 steps daily to and will feel the difference fast with this set.

FACE WASH (2 in 1 Cleanser + Make-Up Remover)

This 2 in 1 cleanser + makeup remover antibacterial face wash gently removes the heaviest waterproof makeup and toughest impurities without any harsh rubbing or tugging leaving the skin feeling soft and bright.

Made from pure plant extracts, this non-irritating antibacterial formula kills bacteria that causes acne, pimples and zits. The moisturizing ingredients hydrate dry areas and balance out excess oil if any, while removing dead skin cells for healthier looking, smoother skin. Calming enough for everyday use as a facial cleanser and/or makeup remover.

Here is how your skin will benefit from Supermodel Skinfood's Face Wash:

For dry-normal or aging areas, if any – Formulated with wheat protein, which contains of the highest amounts of ceramides necessary to balance your skins moisture.

For oily areas, if any - Mint Oil has salicylic acid balance-out excess oil without stripping while heals sensitiveness.

For difficult areas, if any (Acne, Milia, Break-Out, Pimple, Pores) – Castor oil has ricin which is a powerful antibacterial proponent proven through research, successfully killing and preventing bad bacteria from breeding, thus clearing acne, zits, pimples and break-outs overtime. Castor oil also has lightening properties which helps in clearing scars, spots and discoloration.


GLOW NOW DROPS  (2 in 1 Serum + Moisturizer)

Supermodel Skinfood's Glow Now Drops is a revolutionary technological breakthrough that will help your skin restore, strengthen and protect lipid barriers. Lightweight, packed with vitamins and minerals from pure plant oils similar to our skin’s pH, Glow Now absorbs fast into the skin. Use Glow Now to improve texture and enhance smoothness. 

Glow Now will be your skin’s best friend as it contains necessary vitamins derived from Safflower Oil. Safflower oil is non-comedogenic, packed with super high contents of Vitamin C, making it suitable for any skin. Vitamin C is known to even-out skin tone, lighten blemishes, pigmentation and reverses sun damage. 

Now you can have glowing hydrated healthy skin with just a few nourishing drops daily.


Here is how Glow Now Drops delivers results to you.

For dry-normal areas, if any – Vitamin C from Safflower Oil will help repair and moisturize dryness, dehydration and dullness.

For oily areas, if any – Oily skin often times is the result of underlying dry skin that is forcing the skin to overproduce oil making it "over oily". Molecules from Glow Now Drops intuitively helps balance the skin’s over oiliness and dryness. Glow Now also keeps make-up on all day when applied under the foundation. You can now say bye-bye to blotting and never worry about melty runny make-up.

For difficult areas, if any (Acne, Milia, Break-Out, Pimple, Pores) – Vitamin C + mint oil combo in Glow Now Drops works two fold for difficult skin. This anti-viral ingredient helps scare off bacteria and, as zits, acne, pimples and break-outs disappear, the left over scars and blemishes will lighten overtime.

For aging areas, if any – Combination of powerful botanical extracts help regenerate, illuminate & improve the skin's texture and tone. Cell regeneration is important to retain elasticity, to delay aging, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Glow Now is a 2-in-1 serum cum moisturizer that instantly infuses skin with a dewy, illuminating glow. This face oil formulation is laser focused, acts like a moisturizer and serum helping you save time and money.


This set contains

  • 1 unit Face Wash (2 fl.oz (60 ml))
  • 1 unit Glow Now Drops (1 fl.oz (30 ml))

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Face Wash: Castor Oil, Wheat Protein, Potassium Olivoyl, Lavender Extract, Mint Oil.

Glow Now Drops: Castor Oil, Rosehip Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Mint Oil, Lavender Essential Oil.

Face Wash is the 1st Step in any skin care routine. This face wash has dual purpose as a cleanser and as a make-up remover.

How to cleanse: 

·         Use warm water to lather a small amount (pea size) of face wash on the palm

·         Massage entire face in a circular motion gently for a few minutes removing dirt & makeup

·         For best results use a cleansing brush to unclog pores

·         Best to wash off the lather with warm water (avoid hot or cold water)

·         Use a soft wash cloth to gently pat the face dry

Glow Now Drops is the last step in the skin care routine and should be applied just before foundation (make-up).

How to apply Glow Now Drops:

·         Apply small drop on the cheeks, forehead & nose then massage the drops around the face

·         Ensure the entire face is lightly covered

·         When applied right, start & end your day with a glowing face

·         To hold make-up flawlessly all day, immediately follow with foundation after applying Glow Now

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Supermodel Skinfood is a green-clean beauty line. Products deliver results because they are made using pure fresh botanicals that are available in limited batches. Pre-Order gets you in-line for superior quality products. Cultivation and water plays a big role in the sustainability of our earth.

Plant ingredients harvested via eco-friendly farming 3 times a year in Europe & Asia in limited quantity. Timing, climate, and process of cultivation is important to producing the best quality. All products are pure, potent and effective, and not diluted with emulsifiers or water. Water is scarce, and in some parts of the world, people hardly have access to it. Although dilution with water will increase profits, we are not in favor of wastage. For us, it is people, plants over profits. Supermodel Skinfood is an eco-friendly, earth-conscious, pro-sustainability producer. We also consciously aim to reduce wastage through pre-orders. 



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