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We could have different issues on our face at the same time. For e.g. dry cheeks with oily nose to forehead with acne or pimples. We have been taught to use products according to skin type, like "oily skin cleanser" or "dry skin serum". This outdated method does not solve skin problems, as applyin..
Supermodel Skinfood's Glow Now Drops is a revolutionary technological breakthrough in skincare. A 2-in-1 serum cum moisturizer that instantly infuses skin with a dewy, glistening glow. The formulation is laser focused, which is why you do not need to waste time or money on many products. It is light..
This Antibacterial Face Wash gently cleanses and removes the heaviest waterproof makeup and impurities without any harsh rubbing or tugging leaving the skin feeling soft and bright. Made from pure plant extracts, this non-irritating formula kills acne causing bacteria, pimples and zits. As a 2 in 1 ..
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