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Skincare Routine & Tips

Want faster results from skin care routine?
Toning helps maximize absorption of vitamins from serums and moisturizers speeding-up skin care results

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  • Toning should always be done on a properly cleansed face
  • Apple few drops of toner on a cotton
  • Massage cotton all over the face in an upward circular motion
  • If cotton has residue of dirt or makeup, repeat STEP 1 (Cleansing)
Supermodel Skinfood™ Polishing Tonic is a special tonic to slough off dead cells, dissolve rough patches and prepare your skin to maximize absorption of serums and moisturizers. The act of toning with pure botanical (non-alcoholic) toner stimulates the skin helping cell renewal resulting in faster visible results from skincare routine efforts.
End oily skin, keep make-up on, stop blotting!
An imbalance skin causes excess oil, our solution is a natural spritz to restore balance by removing excess oil

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  • Spray a little dot of Clear-It Spritz on each oily area, then massage all over the oily area
  • For e.g. spray on the nose then massage all over the nose
  • Repeat for each oily area
  • To hold make-up all day without blotting, follow this sequence Clear-It Spritz -> Glow Now Drops -> Foundation
Finally you can say bye to shiny oily skin with the Supermodel Skinfood™ Clear-It Spritz. Like nothing ever experienced before, the Clear-It Spritz is an innovative one-of-a-kind spritz formulated with potent botanical extracts proven to balance the skin by keeping excess oil away. Now make-up stays all day and blotting ends.