You need results without delay. Here is what we have seen works from decades of experience, research and experiments. This is a short and effective 3-step method to restore your skin to the right pH, that helps reduce and clear acne. 


Follow this routine 2 times a day. In the morning and evening. 

The 3 steps are:


  1. Cleanse - Hydrating antibacterial surfactant-free solution to kill off acne causing bacteria  

  2. Mask - Mix kaolin + fullers earth clay (equal parts) with water until moist. Apply this paste daily for 15 minutes then wash off. Apply only on the acne area.

  3. Spritz - Use pure hydrosol and spray the mist all over the face (Mix Tea Tree + Peppermint Hydrosols in equal parts (not floral water or essential oils)


For the cleanser please get the Supermodel Skinfood Face Wash. Clays & hydrosol you may purchase from other reputable stores.


Common acne related questions

What is good for acne skin?

Antibacterial ingredients like ricin that we have in our face wash helps restore pH balance to skin because bad bacteria breed when the skin’s pH is imbalanced.  


How can I clear up my acne with skincare?

The right antibacterial soothing products, used diligently daily and after sports/ sweat.


What Causes Acne?

When our pores are blocked combined with lipid barrier damage, it accumulates dead skin and bad bacteria that causes acne and inflammation. After seeing this too many times, Supermodel Skinfood emphasizes cleaning the face daily properly. Never skip skin cleansing, if you want to see good results.


What clears acne overnight?

Overnight is impossible. Within a few days if you follow the 3 steps diligently you will see a difference.

Will acne go away?

Yes, with the right skincare products and diligence.



Does this work? We've seen great results with this. Why not be the judge and tell us:) 

Your own results are the best reference. 


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