We love both. The preferred choice? Organic please. Not just organic, we want our coffee coming from sustainable farming & fair trade practices. And oh, not just coffee, our skincare ingredients too.

It is 2021 afterall. Sustainability is no longer an unfamiliar word. Do you feel it in your daily life? Can we in the developed world survive only with 1 pail of water a day? Parts of America have experienced water scarcity in recent times. This is a reality of how close we are to unsustainability. Hence, we need to take responsible action in everything that we do consciously, especially in what we produce and consume.

Sustainability to Supermodel Skinfood means environmental protection and social equity. The golden opportunity we have to practice this, while serving you, among many ways, is through the ingredients we select for your skin.

How? After a decade of botanical research, we narrow down and select the most effective botanicals for the skin. The selection of these ingredients is then measured by its cultivation. Can these ingredients be sustainably cultivated? If yes, they make it into the bottle you get from us. Access to sustainable cultivation is limited. This scarcity helps reduce wastage and results only in necessary production (no overproduction), as this helps the environment while benefiting your skin.

Pure extracts from botanicals have proven to deliver good and fast results to the skin. Antibacterial ingredients kill acne causing bad bacteria in just a few days. Undiluted (without water) formulations hydrate dry skin and balances excess oil within days as well, resulting in a nice healthy pH balanced skin. These are meaningful results. 

Why are beauty products diluted with water and emulsifiers? It simply rakes in more profit for companies. Producing a big bottle sells. For many, the bigger the bottle the more the value. A big bottle that has pure ingredients will make it very costly, which means less sales. We choose to decrease the size and so we can keep ingredients pure, potent and effective. Dilution does nothing for you, nothing for us, it only does environmental damage.

Supermodel Skinfood is anhydrous, meaning we do not unnecessarily dilute our formulations with water and stay away from harmful emulsifiers. It's our bit in supporting ways to reduce water scarcity, be environmentally conscious, while delivering pure effective full value products to you. 

Yes, it is not just sustainable coffee, but skincare too :)